Wednesday, September 24, 2014

What is Zoning?

What is zoning?
• Legal regulatory tool to implement the land use plan
• Designation and allocation of territorial areas of city or municipality into
functional land use zones or districts
• Uses allowed in accord with goals and objectives of local development

Who is responsible for zoning at the municipal government?
• planning works is vested on a planning and development office
• adaptation of zoning ordinances is a legislative function
• zoning administration is done by the executive branch of government

What are the most common zoning problems?
• discretionary special-use permit
• floating zone-recognizes emerging situations
• planned development unit-model town of mixed uses

What is provincial zoning?
It is as an extension of urban planning and zoning to cover the entire province
and/or one instituted by the provincial government

What are the types of land use controls?
a) Title ownership
b) Legal controls less than title ownership
- easements
- restrictive covenants
- leases
c) Public powers and influences, such as:
- taxation
- police powers
- public and private grants-in-aid


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