Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Registration with UAP for New Architects

PRBoA Resolution No. 5 series of 2015 requiring all successful examinees in the licensure examinations for architects to present the official receipt/certificate of payment of membership fee issued and signed by the authorized officer of the Accredited and Integrated Professional Organization (IAPO) prior to registration as Architects.

Admission to the APEC Architect Register

Candidates for registration as an APEC Architect must apply to the Monitoring Committee of their home economy to determine their eligibility for enrolment on that economy’s section of the Register. In addition to details on education, training and professional recognition in any APEC jurisdiction, candidates will be required to submit a report on their post registration / licensure professional experience, outlining the categories of practice in which it was undertaken and the level of their involvement.

APEC Architects must also agree to be bound by the code of professional conduct of their home economy and of any jurisdiction in which they practice.

Particulars of APEC Architects to be recorded on the Register include:

  • name and business address;
  • home economy or jurisdiction in which the architect is registered/licensed; and
  • any other economy in which the architect is registered/licensed.

Applications for admission to the APEC Architect Register are dealt with in a timely manner and will not normally exceed three months for completion. On admission to the Register, APEC Architects are issued with a Central Council Certificate of Registration by the home economy Monitoring Committee and an APEC Architect Identification Card bearing the architect’s name, name of home economy and date and currency of APEC Architect registration. On request, Monitoring Committees also provide relevant information to the regulatory authorities of other participating economies for registration purposes.

The registration numbers assigned to APEC Architects by Monitoring Committees are preceded by the following abbreviations of the name of the home economy:

Australia - AU
Republic of Mexico - MX
Canada - CA
New Zealand - NZ
People’s Republic of China - CN
Republic of the Philippines - PH
Hong Kong , China - HK
Singapore - SG
Japan - JP
Chinese Taipei - CT
Republic of Korea - KR
Thailand - TH
Malaysia - MY
United States of America - US

Guidelines for Applicants

APEC Architect registration applies only to individual persons.

To be eligible for admission to the APEC Architect Register, candidates must demonstrate to the Monitoring Committee of their home economy that they:

  • have completed an accredited/recognised program of architectural education;
  • have fulfilled the necessary pre-registration experience requirements;
  • are currently registered / licensed as architects in their home economy;
  • have gained at least seven years of professional experience as an architect in specified categories of practice;
  • comply with continuing professional development obligations prescribed by the home economy regulatory authority;
  • are bound by a home economy code of professional conduct.

Flowchart for Assessment Processes

Maintaining APEC Architect Registration

APEC Architect registration is to be renewed on payment of an administration fee to a Monitoring Committee at intervals no greater than two years. Registration details are to be reviewed and renewed on application to practise in a host economy.

Renewal of registration is subject to compliance with home economy regulatory authority or Monitoring Committee requirements to undertake programs of continuing professional development, or fulfil other tests of current competence. The Monitoring Committee may impose conditions on architects who have not practised in a position of professional responsibility during the preceding two years.

The registration of an APEC Architect will be cancelled if the architect ceases to be registered /licensed in the designated home economy. The registration of APEC Architects found , subject to due process, to be in breach of the code of professional conduct of either their home economy, or a host economy, might also may be suspended by their home economy Monitoring Committee.

APEC Architect Operations Manual

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