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PRC Exam Requirements for Architecture & Diversified Experience in Architecture

The following are the requirements in applying for the board exam based on the PRC web site:

  • Original and photo/xerox copies of Transcript of Records with Special Order and Date of Graduation with SCANNED PICTURES AND WITH REMARKS “FOR BOARD EXAMINATION PURPOSES ONLY”. PRC Res.2004-200. (Graduates of government schools and institutions/programs accredited by recognized accrediting agencies under the FAAP are exempted from SO [B]) . Graduates of New Schools/Degree/Programs must submit School Recognition and/or Permit to Operate.
  • Original and photo/xerox copy of NSO-issued of Birth Certificate (in NSO security paper; if NSO copy not very clear, bring copy from local civil registrar)
  • Four (4) passport size colored pictures with complete name tag in white background
  • Current Community Tax Certificate (Cedula)
  • Original and photo/xerox copies of NSO-issued Marriage Contract in NSO security paper (for married female only;if NSO copy not very clear, bring copy from local civil registrar)
  • Two (2) Testimonial or Certificate of Good Moral Character


SUBMISSION OF LOGBOOK OF DIVERSIFIED EXPERIENCE IN ARCHITECTURE (DEA)  consisting of two years apprenticeship or equivalent 3,840 hours (including overtime and work done on holidays). All work experience after Dec. 24, 2008, whether still studying or after graduation will be considered as part of the DEA.

Note: NBI clearance is also required to be submitted.

Resolution No. 04
Series of 2005

WHEREAS, SEC. 13 (c), Article III of RA 9266, requires that candidate for licensure examination in architecture must have a specific record of at least (2) years or equivalent of diversified architectural experience duly certified by a registered/licensed architect.

WHEREAS, the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP), the integrated and accredited professional organization of architects, submitted to the Board UAP Document No. 210 entitled “Logbook of Diversified Experience in Architecture” which the Board approved and adopted in Board Resolution No. 01, Series of 2000.

WHEREAS, for the reason stated in Board Resolution No. 5, Series of 1993, the requirement of diversified experience in licensure examination has not been implemented and in the same Resolution the Board resolved “to require mandatory and unconditionally the submission of the Logbook of Diversified Experience in Architecture” beginning with the second schedule of examination in 1995.

WHEREAS, the Board of Architecture realizes that UAP Document No.210, as approved and adopted, needs revisions to reflect the detailed diversified training in the different phases of the Practice of Architecture conforming to RA 9266 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations, total number of hours rendered by a candidate for examination, the period covered by the training, date when mentor signed the logbook, his/her address, valid IAPOA number, valid PTR No., UAP control number, check list of documents and other details for facility in processing of application for examination, easy notification and for administrative controls.

WHEREOF, the Board resolved as it herby resolves to request the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP), which drafted the Logbook of Diversified Experience in Architecture under UAP Document No. 210, Series of 2000, to revise the said document in accordance with above observations.

Let copy of this Resolution be furnished the President of the UAP for the desired revision of UAP Document No. 210.

Done in the City of Manila, this 6th day of December 2005.
Member Member
Secretary, Professional Regulatory Boards,
Commissioner Commissioner

Guidelines for Filling-Up the Logbook on Diversified Experience for Architects Licensure Examination

1. Section 3 (29) of Rule I of Board Res. No. 07, Series of 2004, known as the “IRR of the Architecture Act of 2004”, defined “Diversified Architectural Experience” as “post baccalaureate, pre-licensure experience of two (2) years required of a graduate of architecture prior to taking the licensure examination, consisting of a variation of experiences in the different phases of
architectural service”. A graduate may immediately undergo Diversified Architectural Training
with a Mentor/s of his/her choice after his/her graduation.

2. Trainees must secure the logbook from the UAP Secretariat or School where he/she graduated (one logbook per candidate).

3. The Mentor shall accomplish the DT form 002 by filling-up the following:

A. Name of Trainee;
B. Project Title/Description & Location;
C. Period Covered:
• Indicate the inclusive days when the trainee was involved with the particular project.
D. Field of Practice (FOP) conforming to Sec. 3 (4) (Scope of the Practice of Architecture)
Art. 1 of R.A. No. 9266. 
Practice of Architecture;
• Indicate the corresponding number of hours in the appropriate FOP column.
E. Total Number of Hours:
• Indicate the total number of hours that the trainee has accumulated in the performance of his/her function/s for the particular project. Total number of hours shall be per project and per FOP.
• In case of full time, the corresponding number of hours is equal to the number of inclusive days multiplied by eight (8) hours.
e.g. 20 days x 8 hours/day 160 hrs.
F. Indicate “Nothing Follows” after the last entry.

4. The mentor signs above his/her printed name and affix dry seal, and fill-up the following:

A. Address
B. Date Signed
C. Cert. of Reg. No. (this No. is the same as that of the Professional Identification Card) and Date of issuance of the Cert. Of Reg. No. by PRC and the renewal date and Expiry Date of the Professional Identification Card;
D. IAPOA Nos. and Date of IAPOA Official Receipt No. issued by UAP and Expiry date.
E. Valid PTR No. and Date and Place of issuance thereof.

5. After collecting all the accomplished DT Form 002 from his/her mentor/s, the trainee must
accomplish the DT Form 001 by filling-up the following;

A. Total Number of Hours Accomplished;
• Summarize the total number of hours for each FOP.
• Trainee must accomplish the required number of credit hours for each FOP as enumerated in the DT Form 001. Excess of credit hours in one specific FOP will not be credited to other FOP.
• Indicate the sum of the total number of hours accomplished from the entire FOP.
Total number of hours shall not be less than the required 3,840 hours.
B. The school where the trainee graduated shall fill up the appropriate box;
C. Trainee signs the form (DT Form 001).
6. The trainee submits the DT Form 001 & DT Form 002 and the Architect’s Affidavit together with the required supporting documents enumerated in the DT Form 001 to the PRC for evaluation.

Note: The Logbook is required for those first-timer examinees only in order to qualify in taking the Board Licensure Examination for Architects in the Philippines. Repeaters need not submit this again.

Clarifications on the Logbook:
  • Overtime work on regular work days, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays that are rendered within the confines of the architectural office or on field assignment/s (doing periodic or full time construction supervision) are counted as part of the 3,840 hours of the examinee's mandated diversified experience in architecture (DEA) i.e. the 3,840 hours of apprentice level work are considered the equivalent of the 2 years of DEA under RA No. 9266.
  • The DEA logbook may or may not carry the signature of the Dean of the school. The PRC Application Division is still presently accepting DEA logbooks without the signature of the Dean. The transcript of records (ToR) duly authenticated by the school registrar must be submitted together with the DEA logbook.
  • The DEA logbook must have the signature of the Mentor/s-Registered and Licensed Architect/s (RLA/s) who shall execute the affidavit attesting to the completion of the 3,840 DEA hours. The DE logbook must be accompanied by copies of the Mentor-Architects' valid PRC Registration Certificate as Architect, PRC ID card and IAPoA Membership certificate and official receipt (OR) issued by the IAPoA (the UAP). If fraud is attendant to the signing of the Mentor-RLA affidavit and to the DEA logbook documentation/ preparation, both the examinee and the Mentor-RLA can be jointly or separately charged by the PRC for criminal acts. The concerned Mentor-RLA shall also be administratively charged at the PRC, which may mean the suspension or revocation of the Mentor-RLAs license to practice. SOURCE

Starting 24 Dec 08, DEA hours can be Earned while Still Enrolled

The Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) promulgated on 03 October 2008 Resolution No. 09, series of 2008, which allows architectural students to again start logging their hours of diversified experience in architecture (DEA) starting 24 December 2008, while still enrolled.

The said practice was stopped in December 2004 with the PRC promulgation of the implementing rules and regulations (IRR) of Republic Act No. 9266 (The Architecture Act of 2004) which defined DEA as a post-baccalaureate activity.

Under Resolution 09, s. 2008, the certification of the logbooks for DEA shall be signed only by Mentor-Architects (who are Registered and Licensed Architects or RLAs). The certifications of DEA can be signed by the Deans of architectural schools only if they also act as the Mentor-Architects (RLAs) of the examinees.

"Please note that only Filipino citizens who are B.S. Architecture graduates of October 2007 or earlier are qualified for the June 2009 LEA. The diversified experience in architecture (DEA) to be credited by the PRC (while examinee is enrolled) only starts from 24 December 2008 (and not sooner). For Filipino graduates of foreign architectural or design schools, a B.S. degree and a CHED equivalency certification are required. ". SOURCE

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. I graduated from B.S. Architecture and currently working in KSA as Architectural Draftsman for 3 yrs. Will it be considered as part of my DEA? Thank you

Answer: Yes, it is credited. You only need to asked a Filipino RLA who has an IAPOA certificate to vouch for your work experience there.

2. Is it okay if the applicant is an undergraduate? (2 1/2 years only) and the rest is work experience 3 years)

Answer: No. A BS Architecture degree is needed.

3. Can i ask if qualified ba ung experience if ung company is in interior architecture and furniture design kahit na ang forte ko ay architecture?

Answer: The requirement is for a diversified architectural experience. If you have undertaken the same experience as indicated in the logbook and you have an architect mentor, then that will be acceptable.

4. Ask ko po if pwede isang arch mentor lang ang magsign sa lahat ng experience gained even if hindi sa kanya yung ibang projects na napagworkan ko.. thanks. 

Answer: The mentor cannot sign for projects that were not done under his supervision. You can have many mentors signing for your logbook. You just have to photocopy some of the pages so that multiple mentors can sign.

5. Graduated po ako year 2007..nagwowork po ako sa abroad ngaun sa KSA...4years na po ang experience ko d2 and i want to take my board exam this coming 2014...pwede ko po bang gamitin as DIVERSIFIED EXPERIENCE IN ARCHITECTURE yung experience ko d2 para makapagtake ako next year paguwe ko ng pinas???

Answer: Yes, it is credited. You only need to asked a Filipino RLA who has an IAPOA certificate to vouch for your work experience there.

6. I am just concern about the requirement for board exam specially the TOR ,which is coming from the schools. I would like to raise the issue regarding one school, that they are now implementing policy of taking/passing their "pre board exam" first before they release your TOR (for board exam). Failure to this exam will not allow you to get your TOR,and failure to apply for Board exam too. I have to believe that its not the rightful way of implementing it, because they are limiting the Arki graduates to get the chance of taking the board without passing first they're "trial exam".

Answer: RA 10609 prohibits Higher Educational Institutions to withhold essential documents of the students like diploma, transcript of records, certifications, and other important school documents. (see RA 10609)


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