Saturday, September 20, 2014

Planning and Design Guidelines for land-based transport terminals and Airport Terminal Buildings

Here is a presentation on the planning and design guidelines for land-based transport terminals and Airport Passenger Terminal Buildings. This may be a useful information to those doing their architectural thesis or those doing research on this type of facility.


Planning for terminals is geared towards putting order in the operation of the transport system and to reduce congestion in the road system due to uncontrolled loading and unloading of utility vehicles that must be contained locally in the area of the terminals.

Necessary provisions must be incorporated in the design that includes:
• Covered space for jeepneys/buses
• Parking spaces for waiting jeepneys/buses
• Space for offices of terminal staff for ticketing, passenger information or other related services
• Space where drivers can rest and relax while waiting
• Sheltered passenger waiting areas
• Facilities for comfort and convenience of passengers (comfort rooms, stores, etc.)
• Lost and found services


Passenger terminal area consists of the passenger loading apron, passenger building, access road and vehicle parking facilities. Clear and simple circulation must be attained in this area for passengers to move from the access transportation means via passenger building to the aircraft, and also the safe and smooth passage must be attained for the ground taxing of the aircraft from runway to the apron via taxiways.

Passenger terminal building is the principal facility in the airport having main functions such as passenger/baggage handling, amenity services and airline support activities.

In the airports where international flights are operating, there are additional governmental services such as customs/immigration/quarantine inspections (CIQ facilities).

In the planning, the major concern should be the shortening of passenger walking distances, and intelligibility of the baggage transfer circulation must also be secured. Another important consideration would be the expansions to cope with the future demands and new type of aircraft.

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