Thursday, September 18, 2014

Planning & Design Guidelines for Malls, Shopping Centers and Markets

Here is a presentation on the planning and design guidelines for malls, shopping centers, commercial centers and markets. This may be a useful information to those doing their architectural thesis or those doing research on design of markets and malls.

Shopping center: a planned group of connected retail stores, usually with an attached parking area, specially developed on a parcel of private property and managed by a single organization. It also refers to a group of establishments planned, developed and managed as a unit to serve specific residential areas or market for the retail of goods and services. This may locate within a commercial area or CBD in which case it serves as its nucleus, or independent from it. Specialization is found in shopping centers.

Market – a general term referring to a public place, building or structure where commodities such as foodstuffs, wares and other merchandise may be bought or sold. It includes any of the following:

Public Market – a market owned, operated and/or managed by the government intended to serve the general public.

Private Market – a market owned, operated and/or managed by private individuals or entities, cooperatives, institution or corporation.

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