Sunday, September 21, 2014

Review Notes: Utilities easy notes

Latent Heat
The amount of heat which is absorbed or evolved in changing the state of a substance without changing its temperature

Lawn Sprinkler System
A system of device, usually installed below ground level, to scatter or spray water droplets over a lawn, golf course, or the like

90 cm
Minimum width of a septic tank

1.50 m
Minimum length of a septic tank

60 cm
Minimum liquid depth for a septic tank

1.80 m
Maximum liquid depth for a septic tank

1 cu. m
Minimum capacity, in cubic meters, of the secondary compartment of a septic tank with a capacity of more than 6 cubic meters

Wooden septic tank are allowed, true or false

508 mm
Minimum dimension of a manhole access to a septic tank

15-20 m
Minimum distance of a water supply well from a septic tank

Minimum distance of a water supply well from a seepage pit or cesspool

30-50 m
Minimum distance of a water supply well from a disposal field

Minimum gauge of galvanized sheet used for downspout

51 mm
Minimum height of a water seal for each fixture trap

102 mm
Maximum height of a water seal for each fixture trap

60 cm
Maximum length of the tailpiece from any fixture

15 cm
Minimum extension of the VSTR above the roof

.90 m
Minimum extension of the VSTR above an open able window, door opening, air intake, or vent shaft

36 mm (1 ½”)
Minimum trap diameter for a bathtub

51 mm ( 2”)
Minimum trap diameter for a shower stall

Required number of urinals for an auditorium serving 40-50

Required water closets for females for a theater serving 51-100

Rigid and flexible
Classification of copper pipes

Electric and hydraulic
2 types of passenger elevator

.60 m
Minimum elevator width of single slide door elevator for small commercial or residential building

Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)
A device that is basically a double throw switch of generally 3 pole connection that will automatically transfer the power from the standby generator to the building circuitry during electrical power failure

Moisture resistant in wet and dry location
TW in electrical wire specification means

Another name for passenger elevator

2 m
The minimum face to face distance between elevators in three and four car grouping

House drain
Collection line of a plumbing system is sometimes referred to as

1.20 m
Maximum height of a dumb water

Specific Lighting
A type of lighting that provides illumination t special objects like sculptures, flower arrangements etc.

Standard length of an electrical metal conduit

An assembly consisting of a pulley wheel, side plates, shaft and bearing over which a cable of roped is passed

Infa red
The other type of flame detector other than the ultraviolet type


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