Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Planning and Design Guidelines for Industrial Estates

Here is a presentation on the planning and design guidelines for Industrial Estates. This may be a useful information to those doing their architectural thesis or those doing research on this type of facility.

Industrial Estate

It consists of an area of land allocated for factory buildings which are sold or leased for manufacturing purposes. The land is developed in accordance with a comprehensive plan, which includes roads and other means of communication, services and site preparation carried out in advance of building work. Factory buildings are erected either as standard units of various types or to meet the specific requirements of a particular industry. Industrial estates are areas of controlled development in the town planning pattern, and by means of zoning, restrictive covenants, and other devices, their form and growth is regulated for the benefit of both the occupants and the community at large.

Other terms sometimes employed to denote the concept of Industrial Estates (IEs) include: “industrial district”, “industrial subdivision”, or “industrial park”. While “export processing zones” (IE’s) have a special meaning with regards to the type of industries established, they are considered as a special type of IEs.

Industrial Park

An industrial park is simply a more highly restrictive type of planned industrial district in which special attention and emphasis is given to aesthetics preservation of open spaces and community compatibility. An industrial park is a planned industrial district and is clearly distinguished from a miscellaneous collection of industrial structures on separate parcels of land which happened to be clustered in a contiguous area as a result of individual investments and location decisions.

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