Monday, July 8, 2013

People's Choice Award - 1st National Architectural Thesis Competition

The People's Choice Award shall be  given to the entry which will garner the most number of likes at the CCD fanpage ( plus the most number of comments posted at the CCD blogsite. The winner shall automatically qualify as one of the Top Ten Finalists in the annual competition.

1) To like an entry, just go to the CCD fanpage and like the page. Search for the entry and like the entry as well.
2) Go to this website ( and become a member/follower (see lower left corner of page). Once you are a member, go to the entry you support and post a comment. Only members of the blog can post a comment.
3) The number of fb likes and the number of posted comments shall be summed up and the highest number shall be the winner.
4) All entries shall be posted at the CCD blogsite after all entries are submitted on March 19, 2014 (tentative). A link of all the entries shall be posted at the CCD fanpage as well.
5) Online voting shall end midnight of March 27, 2014 (tentative).

Complete mechanics of the contest shall be distributed to all school deans/heads of architecture. All entries shall be prequalified by the schools and must be certified as one of the Top 2 Best Thesis in the Thesis Class of 2013-2014.


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