Saturday, July 6, 2013


1st NATIONAL ARCHITECTURAL THESIS COMPETITION 2014 Annual Search for the Most Outstanding Undergraduate Architectural Thesis Projects in the Philippines


One of the most awaited part in an undergraduate architecture student course is the Thesis – the final requirement for the design courses that integrates everything what the student has learned in all the years in college. This daunting challenge where the student goes through a final test for competence is meant to analyze the student’s mind as to his/her capacity of work and depth of understanding of what architecture really is.

The Thesis project is of major importance to the education of an architect. It provides an opportunity for the student to systematically explore a coherent line of investigation of issues relevant to the field of architecture. It also requires dedication, conviction and a commitment to a strong work ethic.

In the field of architecture such intellectual investigations have implications that result from a critique and re-examination of the role of architecture as a critical participant in the conditioning of public and private space and the human condition. Thus, while the Thesis originates in design philosophies and concepts developed and articulated through rigorous and critical research, it culminates in a designed artifact.


The competition is open to senior students of BS Architecture pursuing their Thesis. The entry could either be an individual effort or a collaborative project. Each participant must be a member of the UAP Student Auxiliary (UAPSA).

Students should have the endorsement of the dean/department head of architecture and their respective faculty thesis adviser. Each school shall submit only a maximum of two entries.


• To promote undergraduate architectural thesis works which have significant contributions to the discipline of Architecture.

 • To advance the uplifting of the physical environment through development of creative and unique architectural identity for the country.

• To encourage and reward undergraduate student excellence in architectural planning and design that integrates environmentally-responsive and sustainable design strategies.


1    Launching of the Competition:    June 29, 2013
2    Deadline for submission of questions:    February 22, 2014
3    Deadline to dispatch answers to questions:    February 28, 2014
4    Deadline for registration:    March 1, 2014
5    Deadline for submission of entries:    March 19, 2014
6    Online voting for People’s Choice:    March 21-27, 2014
7    Pre-Judging:    March 28 - 29, 2014
8    Final Judging:    April 7-8, 2014
9    Awarding:    April 9, 2014


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