Sunday, July 7, 2013

Architecture Board Exam Review Questions

These are sample review questions posted by visitors in the ShoutMix. If you want to add and comment, you can use this post.

which material is not suitable as an exterior ceiling finish?
A.pre-formed sheet metal B.MDF C.marine plywood D.pvc

what machine is used to shape wood for balusters?
A.grinder B.torno C.jig saw D.router

which of the ff is an appropriate material for flooring?
A.medium density fiberboard B.T&G wood panels C.high pressure laminate D.stone cut wood panel

what type of failure occurs when the column or wall load punches through the footing?A.flexural B.buckling C.sliding D.shear

which load carried by structural steel can be accurately calculated? load B.wind load C. lateral load D.Dead load

Where is the most practical location to install roof insulation?
A.under the bottom chord B.under the top chord C.on top of the ceiling D.on top of the truss under the roof covering

which paint should not used for metal works?
A.latex B.zinc chromate C.quick dry enamel D.aqua epoxy

what tree is rigid,medium spread leaves,shallow rooted,small diameter roots,not resistant to strong winds and may be hazard if planted near bldg?
a.palm tree b.coconut c.mahogany d.acacia


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