Sunday, March 30, 2014

2014 National Architectural Thesis Competition - Entry No. 07

Entry No. 007

SEA BREEZE HOTEL: A Tourism Destination in the North

Executive Summary

The once thriving tourism industries that provided jobs and pumped revenues into the local economy become a faint shadow to its old self. Meanwhile, new popular vacation destinations cropped up – Puerto Galera, Boracay, Cebu, Palawan, etc. and the Hundred Islands slipped into near oblivion.

Just like all growing cities in the world, Alaminos City – Home of the Hundred Islands - is now opening its doors to potential partners in investments, tourismrelated ventures, light industries and environmental conservation anchored on the universal concept of sustainable development.

Its collective vision of transforming Alaminos into a metropolitan green city where two of its greatest assets and resources – its people and the Hundred Islands National Park – is nurtured and developed into achieve equitable growth.

Capitalizing on its strategic location with the presence of the world-famous Hundred Islands National Park, and endowed with abundant natural wealth, Alaminos proved to be one of the few ‘boom’ towns in the Ilocos region. Entrepreneurs and traders were attracted like ants to honey. In recent years, investments propelled an economic boom. But today, Alaminos City with its great vision of becoming a green metropolitan city still lacks on facilities and establishments for the needs of tourists that could offer a lot more radiant experience in their vacation and a stable industry in tourism related structures for the city’s income generation.

There is a wide demand of the consuming public with regards to accommodation, entertainment, comfort and convenience amidst their busy schedules of work. It has actually been a practice of working class people to go out somewhere in the metropolis or in the nearby provinces for them to relax and at the same time break away from their insurmountable work. With this premise, the research work entitled, “SEA BREEZE HOTEL: A TOURIST DESTINATION IN THE NORTH” is anchored.

Foremost, an initial plan of the project will be conducted. Feasibility should be done for the site, its suitability and marketability. Then, the blueprint of the project will be worked out.

After which, the first phase of the development of the “Sea Breeze Hotel” will be laid. These include the foundation of the base, restaurants, amusement center, hotel accommodation, hotel amenities wellness center, entertainment establishments. In its development, it will be followed by the selection of interior designs needed for added attraction and recognition that it’s a world class hotel accommodation and entertainment center. 

Along with the development of the project, the need for protection of the aquatic resources and the environment should also be given with great importance so that nothing will be sacrificed in lieu of human wants. A water treatment facility will be built; aquamarine museum and theme park will be established to properly inform the public of the importance of these natural wonders of the earth. In the same manner, a material recovery facility (MRF) will serve as the center for the reduction of solid wastes. 

In the end, the growing demands of men will be met without compromising the natural wonders of the earth.


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