Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Guidelines on Mainstreaming DRR in Development

The Medium-Term Philippine Development Plan for 2004-2010 outlines the country’s goals of reducing poverty and accelerating development, and specifies the strategies and action plans to bring about a better quality of life for the citizenry.

But even as these guideposts for development are in place, the attainment of these goals is hampered by the constant threat of disasters. The frequent occurrence of natural and man-made disasters in the country does not only take its toll on the economy, but has implications on our socioeconomic conditions, particularly among the poor and those in remote areas where access to services become even more difficult.

The Guidelines on Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction in Subnational Development and Land Use/Physical Planning is envisioned to improve our capacity to prevent and mitigate disasters. It is a tool for enhancing regional and provincial planning analyses by recognizing risks posed by natural hazards and the vulnerability of the population, economy and the environment to these hazards. By introducing risk analysis in development planning, regions and provinces can strengthen their ability to identify areas at risk to disasters, ensure proper siting of development undertakings, and identify appropriate mitigation measures. This is well within track of our country’s commitment to the Hyogo Framework of Action that aims to integrate disaster risk reduction into sustainable development policies and planning. 

Ultimately, the main goal is to enable communities to reduce vulnerability and to increase their capacity to cope with disasters. NEDA believes that a stronger collaboration with local governments is necessary to achieve the country’s desired economic growth and development. In line with this, NEDA formulated the Guidelines as part of its commitment to provide local government units with the necessary tools that can help them to effectively carry out their mandate.

Guidelines on Mainstreaming DRR in Subnational Development Land Use Planning

National Framework Strategy on Climate Change


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