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ArkiReview Sample Questions 2

1. Which of the following is NOT an executive position in a GOCC?
a. vice president
b. director 
c. division chief
d.assistant vice president

2. A female GI threaded pipe reducer fitting use to connect a reducing branch from a main water distribution.
a. bell reducer
b. tee reducer
c. elbow reducer
d. coupling reducer

3. Maximum slump for slabs, beams, columns?
a. 100mm
b. 120mm
c. 200mm
d. 150mm

4. What is added to concrete to alter its properties?
a. admixtures

5. Pipe fitting to change one single direction (course) of the flow of water?
a. tee
b. Wye
c. cross tee
d. elbow
6. What is the ante-room to a larger apartment of a building called?
a. patio
b. vestibule
c. stall
d. portico

7. How many days prior to canceling an insurance be given to the owner stipulating the intention to cancel?
a.> 5 days
b.> 10 days
c.> 15 days
d.> 1 month

8. What is the smallest size of gutter?
a. 12"
b. 24"
c. 48"
d. None of the above

9. Pipe fitting to join 2 straight lengths of pipe?
a. coupling
b. nipple
c. tee
d. st. elbow

10. According to BP 344, the comfortable clearance for knee and leg space under tables for wheelchair users is?
a. 0.61 m.
b. 0.74 m.
c. 0.82 m.
d. 0.55 m.

Part 2:

1. The level of subterranean water.
a. house drain
b. water well
c. underground canal

2. Who should be held accountable for the damage of the appliances?
a. the driver, if they can find him
b. meralco
c. the electrical engineer or electrician who installed the wiring
system in the house the manufacturer of the appliances

3. What is the disadvantage of using precast concrete beams?
a. larger beam dephts
b. overtime, the beams tend to lose anchorage
c. weak concrete

4. Threaded fitting to join 2 threaded fittings as close as possible but not exceeding 3".
a. nipple
b. union
c. coupling
d. none of the above

5. Maximum length of cul-de-sac under BP220?
a. 120 mt.
b. 50 mt.
c. 60 mt.
d. 100 mt.

6. if the contractor makes claim for additional money due to extra work caused by unforseen circumstances, the arch. must respond within: 
a. 5days
b. 7days
c. 10days
d. not until supporting data are submitted

7. Terms used for 2 pumps interconnected with each other?
a. gang
b. series
c. battery
d. duplex

8. Parts of lockset, which is not included?
a. strike
b. knob
c. escutcheon
d. lace

9. A house designed by its owner, Thomas Jefferson, referring to as example of Greek classical revival.
a. Monticello
b. Villa Rotunda
c. State House
d. the Capitol

10. Best materials for exterior walls?
a. plyboard
b. 25mm plywood
c. HDF
d. gypsum

Part 3:

1. For Amenities, Facilities, Services and Utilities (AFSU) introduced, what is the primary priority?
a. Utilities, Amenities, Facilities, Services
b. Amenities, Facilities, Services and Utilities
c. Facilities, Amenities, Services and Utilities
d. Utilities, Services, Facilities and Amenities

2. Minimum end lapping for corrugated G.I roofing?(mm)
a. 300
b. 200
c. 250
d. 600

3. What type of joint is used to install a glass into a lite French window?
a. Dado
b. Rabbet
c. Tenon
d. Mortise

4. What is the color for Industrial in a Zoning Map?
a. Blue 
b. Violet 
c. Red 
d. Yellow

5. A mid-rise residential project of Mies van de Rohe was the? 
a. Lakeshore apartments
b. Seagram building
c. Serendra apartments
d. Seashore apartments
6. If the size of a concrete column on the ground floor is 1 mt. x 1 mt. What should be the size of the column on the 16th floor?
a. .90mt. X .90mt.
b. .60mt. X .60mt.
c. .30mt. X .30mt.
d. 1.20mt. X 1.20mt.

7. Using Eustyle intercolumniation which considered this by Vitruvius to be the best proportion, what will be the clear space between two columns of the temple?
a.) 2 x dia. of column
b.) 1 1/2 x dia. of column
c.) 2 1/4 x dia. of column
d.) 3 x dia. of column

8. The riser of a stair is 6 ½ inches. What is the run using formula R/T = tan (R-3) x 8 degrees 
a. 12.2247 inches 
b. 12.1000 inches 
c. 11.8975 inches 
d. 12. 1416 inches

9. It is the horizontal movement of a certain body or in a building the lateral movement of a particular floor because of too much exposure of the force hitting on it?
a. buckling
b. story drift
c. failure
d. settlement

10. Where will you start excavating if your project has 2- level basement and is located in a property surrounded by adjacent structure with one side accessible to a 12 meter wide Road?.
a. At the Front along the Road.
b. At the Center of the Property.
c. At the Rear Side of the Property.
d. At the Both Sides of the Property.

Part 4:

1. The toilet bathroom floor finish is designed to be at least one inch below the bedroom floor finish. What should be the vertical distance between the bedroom floor finish and the top line of the 2” x 6” yacal floor joists which carry the toilet bath floor system assuming that ¼” thick mosaic vitrified tiles will be used in the toilet bathroom on 4” RC slab with membrane waterproofing, using standard acceptable measurement of materials for residential houses.
a. 3 ½ inches 
b. 3 ¼ inches 
c. 6 ¼ inches 
d. 6 ¾ inches

2. Any pipe which conveys the discharge of water closet, urinal or fixtures having similar function, with or without the discharges from other fixtures to the building drain or building sewer.
a. Soil pipe
b. Waste pipe 
c. Building drain 
d. Building sewer

3. The maximum height and number of stories of every building shall be dependent upon the following: 
i.Character of occupancy --- iii. Environmental conditions --- ii.Type of construction --- iv. Capacity of public utility/service systems 
a. i, ii, iii 
b. i, iii, iv 
c. i, ii, iv 
d. i, ii, iii, iv

4. What is the height of the RC curtain wall surrounding a water tank located at the penthouse whose capacity is 5000 U.S. gallons. The diameter of the tank is 2.5 meters (I.D.) and freeboard of 0.30 meters. The wall shall be as high as the water tank. 
a. 4.00 meters 
b. 4.19 meters 
c. 4.16 meters 
d. 4.22 meters

5. Mr. Chua the owner of a 3 story luxurious house that was designed by you would like to have an additional 30.00 Sq. Mt. Detached greenhouse at the Rear side of the house.You were commissioned to do the project, do you need to secure building permit for the greenhouse?.
a. No, because it is part of the house contract.
b. Yes, because it exceeds the exempted area.
c. No, because greenhouse is exempted as per NBCP.
d. Yes, because it is Detached from the house.
6. What type of window is not recommended for high rise buildings??
a. hopper
b. pivoted
c. casement
d. awning

7. The location of a fire hose cabinet connected to a standpipe for buildings shall be at every floor level above the first floor at: 
a. storerooms
b. inside a mechanical/electrical room
c. a landing of an enclosed stairway 
d. at any private room or rentable space

8. It is the largest Doric Temple ever recorded in History?
a. The Great Temple of Ammon Karnak
b. Tempio di Giove Olimpico
c. Temple of Nike, Athens
d. The Great Temple of Abu-Simbel
e. Temple Run

9. He is often described as the most influential and the most copied architect of all time because of his works.,
a. Antonio Gaudi Y Cornet
b. Frank Lloyd Wright
c. Andrea Palladio
d. Frank Gehry
e. Leon Batista Alberti
f. Giacommo Baruzzi da Vignola

10. What do you call a column which is 4times larger than a normal column?
a. pedestal
b. planted column
c. pier
d. spiral column
e. rectangular column

Part 5:

1. In plumbing, a tapered coupling for joining a pipe or conduit to another of larger size? and Why?
a. Coupling
b. Bushing
c. Nipple
d. None of the above

2. A client awarded you to design a medium-end BPO Office to be located on existing residential with 1000 sqm floor area. This will be a fit-out renovation project. In consideration of the cables, what system will you use to conceal them?
a. Raised Flooring
b. On the ceiling
c. On Drywall

3. A client awarded you to design a medium-end BPO Office to be located on existing residential with 1000 sqm floor area. This will be a fit-out renovation project. If data are needed to be shared with others, what is appropriate?
a. LAN
b. Router
c. Intercom
d. Cellphone

4. A client awarded you to design a medium-end BPO Office to be located on existing residential with 1000 sqm floor area. This will be a fit-out renovation project. What communication system is used to link one office to another for a private dialogue?
b. Intercom
c. Fax Machine
d. Paging Sytem

5. A client awarded you to design a medium-end BPO Office to be located on existing residential with 1000 sqm floor area. This will be a fit-out renovation project. If data are needed to be amplified from the main server, what system is needed?
a. LAN
b. Router
d. Satellite
6. Refers to a concrete that is left in its natural state after formwork is removed especially when the concrete surface reflects the texture,joints and fasteners of board form.
a. precast concrete
b. cast-in-place
c betun brut
d. bushhammered
e. haute' couture

7. What kind of window is easy to clean? and Why?
a. Louver
b. Sliding Window
c. Casement
d. Awning

8. Minimum side lapping for corrugated G.I roofing?
a. 1 1/2"
b. 2"
c. 2 1/2"
d. 3"

9. A line shifted in a direction other than its intrinsic direction defines a ____?
a) volume
d) line

10. What is the most practical method to use if you will pour concrete for a 4 cu.m. slab & Explain...
a. manual mix
b. ready mix concrete
c. 2 bagger mixer
d.1 bagger mixer


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