Tuesday, August 9, 2016

RA No. 10912: Continuing Professional Development Act of 2016

The law on the Continuing Professional Development, RA No. 10912: Continuing Professional Development Act of 2016has lapsed into law on July 21, 2016, without the signature of the President in accordance with Article VI, Section 27 (1) of the Constitution.

The law is called an Act Mandating and Strengthening the Continuing Professional Development Program for all Regulated Professions, creating the Professional Development Council, and Appropriating Funds therefor, and for other purposes.

Article III, Section 10. CPD as Mandatory Requirement in the Renewal of Professional License and Accreditation System for the Practice of Professions - The CPD is hereby made as a mandatory requirement in the renewal of the PICs of all registered and licensed professionals under the regulation of the PRC.

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