Thursday, September 18, 2014

Planning and Design Guidelines for Tourism Estates and Resorts

Here is a presentation on the planning and design guidelines for tourism estates and resort estates. This may be a useful information to those doing their architectural thesis or those doing research on this type of facility.

Tourism Estate – refers to a large tract of land with defined boundaries in any of the destination areas in the country, suitable for development into an integrated resort complex with prescribed carrying capacities of tourist facilities and activities such as but not limited to accommodations, food and beverage outlets, convention, sports and recreational centers and commercial outlets, and provided with roads, water supply facilities, power distribution facilities, drainage and sewage systems and other necessary infrastructure and public utilities. The estate is under a unified and continuous management.

Resort – any place or places with pleasant environment and atmosphere conducive to comfort, relaxation and rest, offering food, sleeping accommodation and recreational facilities to the public for a fee or remuneration and which meet the minimum requirements imposed by the DOT under its Rules and regulations to Govern the Accreditation of Resorts.

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